Gram Lights 57DR-X 17x8.5 +0 6x139.7 Eternal Blue Pearl (SET OF 4)

Gram Lights

$2,152.00 $2,264.00


Spec: 17x8.5 +0 6x139.7

Finish: Eternal Blue Pearl

57DR is the popular model in the drift scene in and out of Japan. This 57DR-X is developed for vehicles which runs larger P.C.D. like Jimny, Hiace, and Cross country 4WDs. And, it keeps the RAYS's traditional 6 spoke design. It follows basic design with an embossed logo on part of the spoke, and it reduced useless weight. Its feature brings light weight and high strength. This wheel enhances a vehicle's footing bold and sporty in every driven situation. It gets started from the Jimny model.

Method: Cast 1pc. Wheel
RAYS original test: 16x5.5J/JWL+R spec 1 16x6.5J?18inch/JWL&JWL-T standards
Color: Glossy Gray (AG)
Included: Inside Aluminum Air Valve