Battle Aero Force 2 (66") Universal Trunk-Mount GT Wing - Short Stands

Battle Aero

$660.00 $700.00

The new Battle Aero Force 2 GT Wing is now available in an amazing 1700mm making it super aggressive and gives an impressive track feel by nearly matching the width of most street cars.

Built with High Strength Aluminum for lightweight and Steel for rigidity and strength where it counts. All metal components have been powdercoated for optimum resistance against corrosion and to further aid against corrosion, all wing kits use Stainless Steel Hardware.

The Force 2 is a universal design that fits most cars and can be ordered with different stand widths.

Airfoil Type: 2D

Wing Width: 66" Wing Span

Stand Height: 12 Inch (Short Stands)

* Black Vinyl Wrapped FRP or Carbon Fiber Wing Options Available
* Aluminum Powdercoated Stands & End Plates
* Steel Powdercoated Trunk Mounts
* Available Widths: 43", 44", 46", 47", and 48" Stand Widths

*Carbon Fiber is hand made to order and takes 2-3 weeks to complete.