Battle Aero Nissan Z33 350z Chassis-Mount Splitter

Battle Aero

$575.00 $550.00


Chassis-Mounted Splitter for Nissan 350Z!

A bolt-on chassis-mounted front splitter for the Nissan 350Z platform. Splitter brackets are height adjustable to fit various front bumper and lip combinations.

Many months of testing have resulted in a product that is be extremely durable whether you're scraping on curbs or hitting berms on the race track.

This is a TRUE chassis mount splitter with no need to drill into your front bumper!

Material : ABS/Wood Hybrid

Why ABS/Wood Hybrid?

Real world testing: Aluminum/Alumalite/Carbon Fiber will tend to bend or splinter upon impact to the leading edge rendering is useless after one mistake. The ABS/Wood Hybrid has proven to be the most durable, stiffest, and cost-effective material for the real world. Whether it be the track or street this splitter is designed to handle it all! 

*Bottom of aftermarket bumpers and lips may need to be shaved to sit flush to the splitter.

*Please allow up to 1-2 weeks for processing and shipping.