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Introducing SuperChips ECU Remaps !

We are proud to announce that ModInfinite Motorsports is now the exclusive North America distributor for Superchips ECU remaps !

Did you know that your car’s ECU has hidden power gains? To help reduce liability from engine damage to cars that are maintained improperly, OEM automotive manufacturers compromise on the max performance capabilities of your car. How do you unlock this hidden potential? Automotive firms like Superchips in UK spent countless hours researching and developing safe and dependable ECU remaps that help increase overall power output and drivability of your vehicle. Read on to find out how Superchips can transform the driving experience of your car!

Superchip ECU Remaps Tune BMW Motorsports

What are the benefits of an ECU remap by Superchips?

Beyond the expected increases in horsepower and torque output, there are a plethora of other benefits to an ECU remap. A benefit that is often unknown is the increase in throttle response. You will enjoy a more direct driving experience when every throttle input response is immediate instead of the numbed down throttle programming that comes pre-programmed in most factory ECUs. Secondly, along with an increase in peak horsepower and torque, most Superchips ECU remaps will provide great increases “under the curve.” In layman’s terms, your car will have significantly more power at throughout the rev band, especially if your car is turbocharged. Although peak power is nice, average power wins races! Additionally, you will notice an increase in fuel economy to go along with the performance gains. Factory ECUs are often mapped to run “rich,” meaning that the car is using more fuel than needed, to help create a safety net for improper maintenance or a bad batch of fuel. An ECU remap will help bring your air fuel ratio to where it needs to be for maximum fuel economy while still maintaining a safety net as the OEM map does.

Superchips ECU Remaps Porsche Tuning

How does an ECU remap increase performance?

The ingredients to increase engine performance are quite simple! Without any hardware changes, an ECU remap will increase performance by increasing ignition timing, optimizing fueling parameters, and increasing boost pressure if applicable. For a naturally aspirated engine, increasing ignition timing and dialing in the air fuel ratio to the optimal level can provide up to a 10% increase in power. Turbocharged engines can benefit from over a 20-30% increase in power and a dramatic increase in midrange torque by safely increasing boost pressure. The only catch is that most ECU remaps will require you to run premium fuel to help accommodate these improvements to the ECU map. 

Superchip ECU Remaps Tune BMW Motorsports

Why choose Superchips?

With over 30 years of experience, Superchips knows where the limits of each engine are so they can confidently claim that their remap does not affect the reliability or the life of the engine. Buying the wrong ECU remap can result in engine failure so make sure you choose wisely! Superchips will even supplement the manufacturer’s warranty to help eradicate any concerns of engine failure with their products.

Superchips itself is bred in motorsports! Many racing teams across the UK have partnered with Superchips for their engine tuning needs. Matt Neal of the British Touring Car Championship has won multiple championships in Superchips tuned racecars! Tim Mullen of the British GT Championship has piloted McLaren to multiple race wins backed by Superchips tuning. Superchips is also actively involved in other racing series like the Porsche Club Championship, Scottish Mini Cooper Cup, and BMW Compact Club. Superchips’ racing heritage and experience all translate directly to the remaps available for their consumers so you know you are getting a product that has been put to the ultimate test!

( Read more about Superchips motorsport history here ! -> http://www.superchips.co.uk/s/motorsport#Section3 )

Superchip ECU Remaps Tune BMW Motorsports

Furthermore, Superchips offers ECU remaps for almost every vehicle on the road in the UK! Superchips is known for their amazing customer support and will always take the time to address any concerns related to their ECU remaps. With that said, what are you waiting for? Ask us how you can get a Superchips ECU remap for our car today !


Email: modinfinitemotorsports@gmail.com

Superchip ECU Remaps Tune AUDI Motorsports

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