TR GTX3076R Turbocharger for Subaru WRX 02-07 and STi 04-18

Tomioka Racing

$1,975.05 $1,995.00

Introducing the GTX3076R! Featuring a ball-bearing cartridge, the GTX3076R allows for exceptionally crisp and strong throttle response paired with faster spooling. Also packed with a billet compressor wheel, the overall weight of the wheel is lighter than other turbocharger wheels and allows for more room for air flow. Thanks to the billet construction of the unique TR blades, durability goes unmatched, keeping the GTX3076R running for years to come. New to the TR GTX2971R and GTX3076R turbochargers are point-milled blades, which allow for reaching in all the small places between the blades to create a surface that provides maximum flow from the wheel design. In addition, the GTX3076R features a port and polished exhaust housing to minimize exhaust flow turbulence. This turbo is perfect for users who are looking for quick spooling and running moderately high boost pressures. All necessary fittings and gaskets are included in the box to make the installation process painless.

Bearing Type:


Flange Type:

Standard Subaru 5-Bolts

Compressor Wheel: In: 57 mm
Ex: 81 mm

Turbine Wheel:

In: 59 mm
Ex: 53.8 mm

Turbine Housing:



1.3 bar / 19 psi


550 HP

2002 - 2007 Subaru WRX
2004 - 2018 Subaru STi

    Kit Contents:
    Hardware Kit
    Oil Pipe
    Water Pipe