Stance Suspension XR2 Coilovers - '00-'09 Honda S2000


$2,700.00 $3,000.00

Spring Rate (Front): 11KG / 200mm 
Spring Rate (Rear): 9KG / 150mm 

Camber Plates (Front): No 
Camber Plates (Rear): No 

Inverted Dampers (Front): No 
Inverted Dampers (Rear): No

Camber Plate
Available on vehicles with strut type suspension. Camber adjustment is incorporated into the top plate allowing up to 4 degrees of adjustment. The pillowball bearing allows for precise feel and bind free operation.

The Stance damping adjuster knob, or Clicker, is designed to offer an easy and convenient way to adjust the damping of your coilover. Our heavy-duty adjuster gives a very positive click for each of the 16 levels of adjustment, making it easy to keep track of your personalized settings.

Monotube Damper
STANCE monotube dampers offer larger oil capacity and a superior piston diameter compared to a twin-tube design. In our monotube dampers, the oil and charged nitrogen are separated by a free floating piston, which minimizes aeration and fade. These features allow for greater heat dissipation, fade resistance and consistent damping force.

Inverted Monotube
Originally designed for use in professional motorsports, inverted monotube technology has many advantages over upright monotube dampers. Our 45mm strut shaft offers increased lateral rigidity over competitor's upright dampers that use 20mm shafts. If the shaft is not stiff enough it can cause the damper to bind under heavy loads and limit the suspension travel leading to premature wear on the shaft seals & piston bands, causing oil leakage. STANCE inverted monotube dampers offer exceptional ride comfort without sacrificing performance.

Compression Adjustment
Compression adjustment is used to control vehicle dynamics over bumps. If your vehicle is getting unsettled over certain bumps, you can soften the compression to absorb the bumps, keeping the vehicle more stable. You can also control the dive or pitch of the car with compression adjustment. This can be very useful to dial in the turn-in and exit behavior on the track.