Stance Rear Lower Control Arm V.2 (60mm Drop) - Scion FR-S / Subaru BRZ


$548.00 $645.00

Designed and assembled in the USA. V.2 LCA is CNC'd billet aluminum and FEA tested to be 3x stronger than the OEM arms. Aurora 3pcs PTFE lined bearings provide years of noise free performance. Aurora Bearing co. gained their reputation by producing bearings for military and aerospace vehicles. 

V.2 LCA will benefit cars with external resorvoir coilovers that have line fitting on the bottom of the dampers, which limit overall ride height adjustment. 

Single height adjustable coilovers, such as KW has very limited height adjustment due to lack of bump travel, using the V.2 arms, you can gain back bump travel. 

Rocket Bunny flares are radiused higher than stock fenders, which meant sacrificing shock travel or using extremely short dampers which can hinder performance and ride quality. The V.2 LCA works perfect for the high radius flares.