J's Racing FX-PRO Full Titanium Exhaust 70RS - '17+ Honda FK8 Civic Type R

J's Racing

$4,845.95 $5,101.00

Product Number: JS-FTMW-K8-70RS

Absolutely the lightest full titanium exhaust
Maintaining its full straight structure (the signature of J's Racing exhausts) for the maximum power gain, J's Racing pursued a lightest imaginable exhaust with 1mm titanium alloy.
Manufactured by a use of three-dimensional bender, the exhaust pipe has beautiful curves which produce super smooth air flow with the optimal exhaust speed.  The popular dolphin tail boasts 114 mm diameter for a very impressive view.
In order to achieve both an excellent boost response and a superb acceleration at a higher rev range,  the main pipes are designed as 70 mm - 60mm x2 with only one silencer.   The heavy low pitched exhaust note from the turbo will excite you for a spirited driving. 
  • Racing use only
  • The blue coloring is done by hand and the actual color might be slightly different from the one viewed on the picture
  • No inner silencer available
  • Material: Titanium Alloy
  • Structure: 70mm - 60mm x 2  to  114mm x 2
  • Main pipe: 1.0mm thick
  • Silencer & Tail: 1.0mm thick
  • Specifically designed for the Civic Type R (FK8)