JRZ Race Quad Adjustable Coilover - '00-'09 Honda S2000


$12,977.00 $13,660.00

JRZ Suspension Engineering is proud to offer our newest quadruple adjustable racing damper, the JRZ 14 31.

Building upon the years of success of our original quadruple adjustable, the 14 31 takes our damping philosophy to the next level.

Every adjustment has an increased damping force range with finer adjustments engineered to enable the chassis tuner to make significant, predictable changes every time. Compression and rebound adjustments are separated into the high speed and low speed piston velocity ranges affecting the bleed and blow off points of the damping curve. All oil flow paths in the JRZ 14 31 have been redesigned to maximize efficiency and give crisp feel to the driver.

Rebound valving has been completely redesigned to eliminate influence over compression forces and smooth pressure development. At the heart of the new JRZ 12 31 package is our latest motorsport piston, designed to give increased control over base characteristics, reduce hysteresis, and operate smoother.

To ensure that the valving designed into the JRZ 12 31 are the determining forces, JRZ has included new low friction coatings, seals and bearings with this package. Custom applications are available.


Main spring
Tender spring
Aluminum spacer
Top Mounting Plate Front
Top Mounting Plate Rear