Hasport Performance B-series EFBAWD All wheel drive Engine Mounts for 88-91 Civic and CRX

Hasport Performance


EFBAWD – Mount kit for B-series engines
with 1998-2002 CRV AWD transmission into
1988-1991 Honda Civic or CRX

Hasport Performance is proud to announce

another addition to their popular line of AWD
B-series swap mounts for the 88-91 Civic and
CRX. Get yourself into the action with this
newest kit from Hasport. Grab a B-series engine with the AWD transmission from the
1st gen CR-V and your favorite B-series engine and bolt it in. Or, if you already have
Hasport’s EFB1 or EFB2 B-series mounts you don’t need to buy the whole kit. You can
just buy the rear bracket (part number EFRBAWD) and right-hand mount (part number
EFBRHAWD) and convert your existing mount kit for use with the AWD transmissions.
This kit doesn’t work with the Civic or CRX that came equipped from Honda with a
B16A engine.
The mounts—designed using state-of-the-art CAD/CAM software—are made in

house using Hasport’s CNC laser and press brake. Available in several different durome-
ters, Hasport’s urethane inserts offer increased strength and durability over stock mounts.

Remember, less engine movement means more power to the ground.