Cusco Street Zero A Coilovers - '00-'09 Honda S2000


$1,275.00 $1,500.00

Shock Absorber Details: Fr. 40-Way / Rr.. 40-Way Adjustable Twin Tube - New Quiet Type

Ride Height Adjustment TypeFront/Rear: Full-length Adjustable / Full-length Adjustable

The Cusco Street Zero-A Suspension has been developed for small compact vehicles requiring a strong high performance adjustable shock absorber.

Ride designed for street use while lowering your vehicle to an agressive stance. Designed to replace the Zero-2 suspension series for most vehicles with enhancements to keep reliability to a maximum.
- Newly developed shock absorber specific for street driving and strong design
- Lower ride height and enhances suspension performance
- Adjustment of spring pre-load possible with adjustment 40-Stage for certain models
- Most models come with Pillow-ball upper mount Fixed for certain models
-Anti-rust using stainless steel to ensure long lasting durability

A-RG: Aluminum + hard rubber xed mount
P-RG: Pillowball xed mount
P-ADJ: Pillowball adjustable mount